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Grand Wailea's Botero Lounge

A quick morning stroll through the Grand Wailea’s central lobby, just me and my camera.

The central lounge is named after Fernando Botero, a highly sought after Columbian born artist whose sculptures and paintings sell for millions at auction.

The nine Botero sculptures intermixed through the lounge is among the largest publicly displayed collections of Botero in the world.

The Art Museum of Chicago, Israel Museum in Jerusalem, and New York MOMA are just a few of the museums with art from Botero, making Grand Wailea’s collection truly worthy of a museum.


Utah Fashion Photography
A cleverly designed menu at the bar mimics one of the Botero statues.
Utah Fashion Photography
Utah Fashion Photography

“Man with a Cane,” is an imposing eight foot tall bronze statue standing guard at one entrance of the Botero Lounge. Brilliant and irridiscent details shimmering from green to blue almost floating  just below the surface.

Utah Fashion Photography

The face of “Mother and Child,” at the opposite entrance to “Man With Cane.” Another can be found at the New Orleans Museum of Art, but at the Grand Wailea her stoic face reflects tropical colors of the surrounding space in vibrant palette of greens and deep blues. 

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Woman Smoking A Cigarette

The “Boss” of the Hotel.

A curved woman in massive scale languishing with a perfect cigarette.

Monte Carlo and Museum of Art in Armenia are two places you can find her, yet here in Maui this woman seems most at home.

 The contrast of flesh and geometry balanced delicately between the fingers is what I want to showcase here.

Utah Fashion Photography
Utah Fashion Photography

An Artistic Renovation in 2023

Looking beyond the sculptures there is artistry of light and glass throughout the lobby. The multi-million dollar modern renovation continues to reveal brilliant new details, one by one. Discovering the geometry in lights and glass with my lens was addicting but I had to keep moving.

Utah Fashion Photography
Utah Fashion Photography

When I saw the job of temporary resident photographer posted by the Grand Wailea I knew competition would be fierce, so I set out to stand out by flying out to Maui to deliver a resume and capture a small slice of the Grand’s grandeur… they are right, it would take months to capture it all! I would love to spend more time, day and night, with my camera and this art.

Jake Garn

Photographer, Applying for this Job

Utah Fashion Photography

Metal and Light

The play of light on bronze undulates like smoothed waves, rewarding the viewer to look beyond the entirety of form, but then again…

“Many people know me as the painter of the ‘fat ladies,’ and it doesn’t disturb me.” –Fernando Botero.

Photography captured with a Canon R5 and 100mm f/ 2.8L Macro lens by photographer Jake Garn on March 3, 2023.

Details About Grand Wailea Historic Renovation

Linked directly from their YouTube Channel, this well-produced video gave me a much grander appreciation for the artist named Fernando Botero and Grand Wailea as conservators and private owners of this priceless collection.