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Utah Fashion Photography
Utah Fashion Photography
Utah Fashion Photography
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Whimsical Fashion & Commercial Photography

Salt Lake City, Utah based Photographer | Available for travel | Maui • Los Angeles • Seattle • Worldwide

Published and award winning freelance photographer available for commercial or editorial projects, commissioned portrait sessions, and model portfolio building.

NFT by Jake Garn
Digital Photography Guide

New Photography Book & DSLR Camera Guide

After 15 years as a Photographer, this book managed to reignite my love of light!

Travis Hougland


Commercial Fashion, Lifestyle & People Photography

Genre Specialties: Whimsical Fashion, High-End Beauty, People and Lifestyle photos. We can help you find models, hair styling, makeup artists, location scouting, body painting, and more. Expert photo retouching is included.

Conceptual & Art Photography

Have you seen an image by Jake Garn that you would love to have on your wall? Many images are available as fine art photographic prints from my trusted printer & delivered straight to your door. Interested collectors should contact directly for sizing & pricing. Private commissions are also available.

Anna Rewick
Boudoir Photography

Photographer Jake Garn erases any line drawn between fashion and art.


SaltLakeUnderGround Magazine, 2010

Personal & Professional Portrait Sessions

Using natural light, studio light or a combination of both to make you look your amazing. I professionally, and meticulously retouch the stellar shots from our session to your discretion.

Before Photo Retouch After Photo Retouch

Photo Retouching

A shoot with Jake Garn means you will look your absolute best; from removing blemishes to advanced body-scaping, utilizing the latest techniques from Adobe Creative Suite take a look at how simple changes make a world of difference, in subtle ways.

Custom Lightroom Presets for Autumn

Using Lightroom Presets  Discovering Autumn has been a highlight of 2020, and shooting a few times as the summer turned into fall has been refreshing. I created a custom set of presets from the six editing styles I used to retouch and tone these images. Available to...

Gotta have Faith. Sandwiches aren’t bad either.

Creating for the sake of creating is like oxygen to an artist, these are our breaths!

Create Alluring Portraits With These 5 Photo Tips!

A portrait doesn’t have to be dry ya know, it can ooze with that thing we call sex appeal. In this day and age if your portrait doesn’t make you feel better in the sexy department then call me!

Shooting for Love in 2018

I still shoot for love!  Yes, I shoot for money too, but shooting for love is a way to connect artistically to another person in a way that I enjoy thoroughly.  Here is some art I've had the pleasure to create with amazing models in the first part of 2018.  Enjoy!...

When a shoot turns magic

There is a small turn off of Highway 89 in Fruit Heights, it doesn't lead to anything but a non-descript meadow with patches of trees. I parked my car on the dirt road and wandered less than 100 yards. That is where all of these photos were taken, in one spot, in one...


"Synchronicities are expressions of the dreamlike nature of reality." I'm learning that the world is not what I here-to-fore believed.  There are clues that have led me to this new way of looking things.  Coincidence has always existed in my life, but sometimes the...

Cherry blossoms and Daylight

It’s been awhile since I’ve had the opportunity to shoot Sarah, this time we drove up north to find what something worth shooting. I think it was a success.

Selling Stock

I just prepared a short post on how I've found a market for some of my past images for members of the online photography workshop at In the meantime here are some of my favorite book covers featuring my photography. [gallery link="file"...

Reflections on Shoot For Love

I have been spending a lot of time on the Shoot for Love project lately and haven't been shooting much, ironically enough. If you'd like to participate in the latest assignment at Shoot for Love visit -  My friend Ryan...

Time is up featuring Joshua Delagarza (video)

Filmed this in a single afternoon in a moving location, the van. It's a blast filming this way, spontaneously, almost waiting for life to show you what it wants to show you. Directed, written and edited by Joshua Delagarza. Filmed by Jake Garn. Featuring Joshua...
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