A Tropical Breath of Botero at Grand Wailea

A quick morning stroll through the Grand Wailea's central lobby, just me and my camera. The central lounge is named after Fernando Botero, a highly sought after Columbian born artist whose sculptures and paintings sell for millions at auction. The nine Botero...

Orchids of the Grand Wailea

Here Flora and Fauna become more art than labor, more love than work.

The Magical Corona Arch

I may not know the scientific explanation for how and why every hair on my arm stood when I stood under this magnificent place, but I know something unexplainable happened.

The Story Behind the Image, “Delicate Arch at Sunset”

Too Late For a Great Shot? This wasn't our first trip up to Delicate Arch and it probably won't be our last. Myself, along with Jenny and our three boys got there after most everyone was settled in to watch the sun set. The views are breath-taking but grabbing that...

The Full Moon Rising Over Garden of Eden

Night photography at Arches National Park of the Full Moon rising over the Garden of Eden formations. Check out the before-and-after to see how much data can be pulled from a RAW digital file.

Custom Lightroom Presets for Autumn

Using Lightroom Presets  Discovering Autumn has been a highlight of 2020, and shooting a few times as the summer turned into fall has been refreshing. I created a custom set of presets from the six editing styles I used to retouch and tone these images. Available to...

Gotta have Faith. Sandwiches aren’t bad either.

Creating for the sake of creating is like oxygen to an artist, these are our breaths!

Create Alluring Portraits With These 5 Photo Tips!

A portrait doesn’t have to be dry ya know, it can ooze with that thing we call sex appeal. In this day and age if your portrait doesn’t make you feel better in the sexy department then call me!

Shooting for Love in 2018

I still shoot for love!  Yes, I shoot for money too, but shooting for love is a way to connect artistically to another person in a way that I enjoy thoroughly.  Here is some art I've had the pleasure to create with amazing models in the first part of 2018.  Enjoy!...

When a shoot turns magic

There is a small turn off of Highway 89 in Fruit Heights, it doesn't lead to anything but a non-descript meadow with patches of trees. I parked my car on the dirt road and wandered less than 100 yards. That is where all of these photos were taken, in one spot, in one...
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Utah Fashion Photography
Utah Fashion Photography
Make Your Portraits Magic

Shooting Creative Portraits

I made this book to cover the twelve creative concepts you can bring to every shoot with nothing more than the manual settings on your DSLR or Mirrorless Camera. Includes twelve lessons from history and twelve photo assignments to practice on your own.

Looks like a good idea for a book and I am happy to participate.

Ralph Gibson

Master Photographer, One of 12 Masters Featured in "Make Your Portraits Magic"

Red Cliffs of Moab

Shooting Adventurous Landscapes

A family adventure guide to the most mythic scenes this side of the Colorado River! Photo tips and maps to the top 11 adventures in world-famous Moab, by Jake Garn.
Utah Fashion Photography
Boudoir Photography

Photographer Jake Garn erases any line drawn between fashion and art.


SaltLakeUnderGround Magazine, 2010

Utah Fashion Photography
Make Your Portraits Magic

Utah Beauty, Portrait & Fashion Photographer For Hire

Whether you need fast-fashion or high-concept, commercial beauty or whimsical lifestyle, natural style or refined perfection. We’d love to help.

Custom quotes for your personal or commercial photos. Available for travel.

Utah Fashion Photography
Utah Fashion Photography
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Utilizing the latest techniques from Adobe Creative Suite take a look at how simple changes make a world of difference, in subtle ways.

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