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Jake Garn

Jake Garn


Frequently asked Questions

I need models with my commercial images, can you help?

Answer: Yes. I can arrange a casting call with local agencies or I can check the availability of models used in my portfolio.

I see you are near Salt Lake City, are you available to travel?

Answer: Yes. I have a frequent flier number, a passport and I know how to totally act cool with TSA while they feel me up.

How Long Have You Been Doing Photography?

Answer: In 1994 I learned to shoot, develop and print film in the red-light of my high school. In 2001 I bought my first DSLR which had a mind-boggling 4 Megapixels for only $3200. The amount I saved on film alone justified the cost, I reasoned with myself….

Are you related to the senator/astronaut Edwin “Jake” Garn?

Answer: My grandpa was his grandpa’s second cousin’s, room-mate.  Or something.  So not really… but distantly.

Film or Digital Photography?

Answer: I prefer digital because of who I am as a person, and because Adobe Lightroom doesn’t smell like Fixer.

How much for a simple portrait/boudoir/model commission for personal use?

Answer: $300 for a three look shoot; three images retouched. On-location or studio. Based on availability, appointment only!