Photoshop & Lightroom

Lightroom Tutorial

Editing a High Key Portrait

In Lightroom

A brief introduction to some editing tools I used in Adobe Lightroom 2.0.


  • Adi Ulici


    Thanks for the tutorial - really simple and nice explained. I loved it! Hope you'll post more video tutorials!

  • Dirk Hardy


    Hi Jake, Great video with lots of interesting ways of editing in Lightroom. Be aware that you applied the wrong preset to your photo when you exported the .psd file. Looking forward to your next video(s) and photos! Have a nice weekend, Dirk Hardy

  • Kieran Morgan


    Great as always, thanks Jake!

  • Kim St. Dennis


    Nice explanations and easy to fallow.I noticed you saved it out as a PSD as opposed to right clicking and hitting edit in PS. Is there a reason? Wonderful work and I look forward to the next video.

    • Jake Garn


      Kim, You can't open a RAW file in Photoshop, if you right click a raw file and select "edit in PS" it will actually open in Adobe Camera Raw - not Photoshop. The export command allows you to actually open the file directly in Photoshop, skipping ACR entirely. -Jake

  • Russ Robinson


    Thanks so much for's always great to look at others' workflows, because you almost always pick up something useful that you can apply in your own work right away. I look forward to the Photoshop vid!

  • mike


    Jake, great tutorial and website. you give alot of inspiration and i check back often in my experience in the right click and edit in CS4 with a raw file photoshop opens the file in CS4. after you are done working on it it saves the file back to lightroom as a PSD file or tiff. i think it is whatever you set as your file options in your LR settings, but i have never had ACR open when doing it this way. am i missing something here? Mike

    • Jake Garn


      Mike, I had no idea about that... I'll have to set my Lightroom up better! Thanks!

  • Aaron C


    that was soooo good! i got 2 minutes in and i'm trying to get a copy of lightroom first thing tomorrow! thanks for the effort and looking forward to seeing some more!

  • Mike


    Jake, no problem. it is in the preferences tab and the external editing tab of LR. you can chose a tiff or psd. i choose psd and it saves back and stacks it next to my original file in LR with the layers i have created in tact. that way if i want to go back into CS4 and change a layer or something it is very easy to do so. LR is very awesome and does very well for catalog management. i am still learning alot as far as editing and your tutorials are great!! thanks for your tutorials. Mike

  • Sandrino


    Thanks for's nice to see your workflow.

  • Randi


    Great posts. Love the behind the scenes stuff. Makes it so fun to read/look through. Thanks for the tutorial. Makes me want to go back to raw. I have been editing in the raw editor, but not shooting in raw. Question: What color space do you work/blog/save in?? My images are so washed out once they get to the web. Pointers? Thanks!

    • Jake Garn


      Randi, I convert all my photos to sRGB for the web... seems to work well! If you use the "Save for Web" command in Photoshop you need to click that little arrow with a circle around it (next to the preset) and in there you will see and option to convert to sRGB. -Jake

  • Heather


    I would love to see the editing process on the one of your son in the mail box!!

  • Deb


    Jake - When boosting photos to your site from lightroom, what do you preset for size? My images are too big for my site. Shrinking them down in iphoto or Picasa is what I've had to do. (I only shoot RAW - shrink down to JPEG is mandatory for site, but can't be larger than 2mb.) Also, lightroom watermarks invisibly. How are you marking visibly? (I've found this in Picasa, too.) Just bought Lightroom, so tutorial is sooooo appreciated. Thanks. Deb.

  • Michael


    It was useful and so perfect tutorial Jake! Thanks to this. Hoping you'll post more. I do love photos. I also have technique on photography. I dear Beauty Photography so much!

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  • Benton Goolden


    I lately came across your web web-site and have been reading along. I believed I would depart my really initial comment. Nice blog. I will maintain going to this web-site reasonably regularly.

  • Kae


    Hello Jake I just wanted you to know I have been a really big fan for a very long time. I saw your pictures for the first time probably 7 or 8 years ago, and I followed you for years, checking out your new photography all the time, and dreaming of the day I could be a fraction as good as you. I had you bookmarked on my pc and I came to your site at least a few times a month, then I switched to my mac and because im so absent minded, the bookmark wasnt there anymore, and I just forgot to ever come back to your website! YAY happy day when I finally come back to your site today and see that your posting video tutorials? Articles and blog posts with the most amazing information! I am SO grateful you are doing this, I have been on the site for a half hour and I have learned a lot already. I plan on staying on your site pretty much all night catching up on all these missed posts. Thanks again so much, like you dont know how grateful I am for these articles and videos lol. Take care!

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