A Shoot For Love Assignment :: October 2011

NOTE:  The assignment is to shoot where you live.  Take a moment and look around and find… inspiration. If you are a photographer and would like details on completing the assignment (it’s free, and easy) visit www.shootforlove.com.  B&H Photo Video is generously sponsoring the assignment with a cool little prize.  🙂

The assignment is to shoot within walking distance of your front door.  See the world around you in a new, creative way.  The inspiration behind these shots (and the idea for the assignment) is to really get to know your surroundings and your subjects. When you pay closer attention to the world you see every day you start to find images that are just a bit more, rare.  Here is a sampling of images I’ve shot over the last month or two in and around my house and yard with this inspiration in mind.

Shot during different parts of the day, with different models, in different weather, in different locations.  I shot all of these using the same general equipment.  All ambient light, sunlight or artificial lights in the ceiling.  One Camera.  One Lens.  Canon 5D Mark II with the Canon 50mm 1.2L (links take you to product details at B&H)

If you are interested in learning more about how I create these images and where I find inspiration visit www.shootforlove.com – an online photography workshop.