Make Your Portraits Magic

Take control of your digital camera with this creative guide to simple camera settings. Twelve photographers from history and twelve photography challenges to get your own creative juices flowing!

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Utah Fashion Photography
Utah Fashion Photography

Magic of Photography

Inside you will find hundreds of images from photographer Jake Garn illustrating the photo topics discussed. Shooting for love for two decades has meant re-inventing and re-imagining style many times over as the industry has changed several times over. What remained consistent are the creative principles and tools that Jake brings to every shoot.

You will also find inspiring photographers from art history including the first ever Vogue photographer. Another powerful woman who wouldn’t back down from her government employers. Also how a very famous photographer settled a bet for a racehorse owner so wealthy they named a University after him and many more.

Also included are twelve photo assignments, each putting what you learn into practice; share your results (or an image from your portfolio) for each assignment on our private community where you can get critiques, ask questions and get a response directly from the author. Find the link to our private, censorship-free network inside the pages!

Usually book releases are dominated with technical talk,  bringing a creative splash to the DSLR conversation feels great!

Jake Garn

Author & Photographer, Shoot for Love

Utah Fashion Photography

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Utah Fashion Photography

About the author.

Utah Fashion Photography

Jake has been filled with an insatiable need to create for as long as he can remember, whether it was a drawing, building a fort, or even writing stand-up comedy.

The photography bug was planted in the mid-nineties during a simple Introduction to Photography course. The darkroom, the camera, the chemicals all screamed out with possibilities and the next year when Layton High School added a computer lab, complete with the extraordinarily advanced Adobe Photoshop (version 2.5) a long-term love affair was set. As photography meandered its way into the digital age the format became increasingly custom-tailored to Jake’s love of instant gratification and attention-deficit tendencies.

Purchasing his first digital SLR camera in 2002 began the transformation of photography from a casual hobby into a bit of an obsession.

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Utah Fashion Photography