The amazing Paula Dahlberg hosted a makeup workshop for 6 attendees, each attendee had the opportunity to do makeup for three models in three styles.  I showed up at this job with a conscious decision to simplify my process.  Frankly I was sick of hauling so much equipment in and out of my studio and worrying about where everything was during the shoot. Along with my camera bag I brought one Elinchrom 600RX (with light stand) and one Elinchrom Octa and a silver reflector.

Knowing that I’d be shooting soft, one-light setups the whole day freed up time to really focus on the concept of each shoot.  Combine that with the crazy inspiration that comes from shooting in the amazing Hive Gallery in Salt Lake City meant the results were… well, unexpectedly good.

Paula Dahlberg Makeup Workshop

Hair by Steven Robertson

Wardrobe by Michelle Boucher

Model & Makeup Attendee Credits (from left to right):

Macy Chapman – Valerie Muhlestein
Katherine Franco – Nicole Forsey
Lilian Henrie – Alexandra Gonzales
Monica Henrie- Allison Long
Shay Peck- Lynzie Atkinson
Olivia Henrie – Mickelle Weber

Katherine – Valerie Muhlestein
Macy – Nicole Forsey
Shay – Alexandra Gonzales
Lilian – Lynzie Atkinson
Monica – Allison Long
Olivia – Mickelle Weber

Katherine – Valerie Muhlestein
Macy – Nicole Forsey
Monica – Alexandra Gonzales
Olivia – Lynzie Atkinson
Shay – Mickelle Weber
Lilian – Allison Long

Painting Credits for Avantgard Series (used with permission of the artists):

Jonathon Baker (images 1, 2 & 4)

Emily Edmunds (image 3)

Alison Armstrong (images 5 & 6)

Paintings on display at The Hive Gallery

Photography by Jake Garn

Assisted by Tiffany Sanchez & Lindsey LaJeunesseUtah Fashion Photography