In July of 2007 I received an email from a 17-year old girl named Carly Stark.  I think I emailed her back less than 24-hours later.

Do you ever feel like you catch a glimpse of your future in a single moment, but all the thoughts and images go through your brain so fast that you can’t hold onto any of them long enough to remember?

I like to think that in the moment I met Carly I saw the next four years of images flash through my brain, all 91 of these, but they left just a bit too quickly to grasp.

For reasons beyond my ability to explain I felt like we had to rediscover these elusive shots… if for no other reason than to practice capturing inspiration.

Every once in awhile we’d rediscover one of the highlights, like a fisherman reeling in the biggest catch of the day the thrill is beyond explanation.  It’s this adrenaline rush that compels me to keep shooting.

It’s a rush.  Just as big of a rush as sky-diving… at least for me.

I give you one of my all time favorite muses, if you follow my work at all then I’m sure you’ve seen her before.  Ms. Carly Stark.

Music courtesy of Mountain Hymns
Styling provided by the following: Paula Dahlberg, Steven Robertson, Janae Mechling, Chad Seale, Keith Bryce, Brett Hamilton, and Christina Ballstaedt.Utah Fashion Photography