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Too Late For a Great Shot?

This wasn’t our first trip up to Delicate Arch and it probably won’t be our last. Myself, along with Jenny and our three boys got there after most everyone was settled in to watch the sun set.

The views are breath-taking but grabbing that perfect shot is a battle of patience! On this day we arrived just as the sun was about to dip below the horizon. I set-up quickly in my first choice of spots, it was already crawling with other photographers and the sun was going down fast.

I was moving fast to catch up to the setting sun in front of me and a few trash talking photographers behind me!

Jake Garn

Photographer late to the sunset?

The more prepared amongst the shooters had been in their spots awhile and felt perfectly comfortably talking about the late-comer, me.

I started to hear murmuring behind me, “If you want that certain shot you need to get here at a certain time,” an unknown woman chided.

From her mindset they had already captured the best moment, but I kept shooting.

I dropped lower on the rim of the gulch to get more sky behind the arch and the murmuring continued, “I guess a silhouette can be cool,” someone new said.

I kept shooting, knowing there was plenty of detail left in even a dark scene and that I could retrieve that detail with Adobe Lightroom.

Case in point, on the left is the image Straight out of Camera, on the Right the Fully Processed Image:

Sunset at Delicate Arch Utah Fashion Photography

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