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The Full Moon Rises Over the Garden of Eden

Arches National Park Moab

It wasn’t all that late, just before 7PM, but inside the expansive National Park the only un-natural light source in sight was an occasional passing headlight.

My eyes strained trying to attach my camera to the new tri-pod, “if I could only find the slot,” I thought to myself as I watched the moon climb higher in the sky every second I delayed.

Even with nearly a full half-second shutter speed, an ISO of 640 and the aperture opened to f / 3.5 the shot was nearly black; but a glance at the histogram told me there was enough detail to pull out of the RAW image.  I could have shot with a higher ISO but then the sky would be blown out by the Full Moon.

So I took this shot with me and headed to the next Arch where I hoped to catch the same full moon before it rose too high in the sky.

Garden of Eden in Moab Before Garden of Eden in Moab Before

Using a RAW image editor like Adobe Creative Cloud allowed me to pull the un-visible details out.