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“Synchronicities are expressions of the dreamlike nature of reality.”


I’m learning that the world is not what I here-to-fore believed.  There are clues that have led me to this new way of looking things.  Coincidence has always existed in my life, but sometimes the coincidences add up to absurd levels like continuously looking at the clock at certain times for instance, or thinking of someone just before they call.  Of course, this could all be written off, and how could such coincidence not exist in a world with infinite moments where the banal is easily forgotten and the extraordinary leaves a consistent mark of remembrance.

Yet what if this world is a stage and we are it’s actors playing our parts, oblivious to the director.  When I pay attention to the details I tend to notice a makers mark so to speak.  This mark, described originally by Carl Jung is synchronicity.

There is an intersection between fortuitous events and prepared inspiration, it is at this very intersection where artists can reap the greatest harvest.  At least that is what certain moments are leading me to believe.