When I stumbled across an old skeleton of a cow, whitened by age, I felt lucky.  Especially when I realized it would make a great top.  Like an ancient exoskeleton, it was perfect.  Caitlyn tried it on for a little test shot of sorts and I put the bone in the back of my car… knowing it could still be used for something useful.

Weeks passed and it was still in the back of my car, until this past Saturday when I was trying to fit a bike in the back I had to take the bone out (temporarily) and set it on the sidewalk in front of Decades, a vintage clothing store in Salt Lake.

Hours later I realized I had left it there.  I laughed about it with some friends and we hoped someone would make a funny joke of out it at least.  I just had no idea I’d get to hear about the joke!

Not too long after a photo appeared on facebook, with a white bone that was eerily similar.  The photo was of my buddy Dave Brewer perfectly posing for a spot on spoof.

I chuckled.  It was perfect.  I shook my head in wonder about how he pulled it off… how long would you even have to search to find a bone like that???

Turns out not very long, he was on a leisurely stroll when he noticed something in the dumpster behind Decades

Of course he’s the type of guy that instantly took off his shirt and posed for a picture.

Sometimes the Universe is just too kind!  Well done Dave and Sam and Caitlyn!

Photo Credits

Left Photo by Jake Garn, model is Caitlyn Christensen

Right Photo by Samantha Law, model is Dave Brewer