Samantha moves away

I met Sam when she was kind enough to model at one of our photography workshops a few years ago, since then we’ve done well over a dozen shoots and have become close friends.  I love talking to Sam, sometimes we get lost in conversation for hours, if my camera is nearby I’ll pull it out, if it’s not I don’t, but it’s during days like this that I usually shoot my favorite images.  We were talking about change, and dreams, and boys and her moving to Boston (which just happened this past week).  I jotted down some of my favorite things she shared… hope she doesn’t mind!

“I am learning to embrace the change in my life.  It is taking me to new places and doing new things and in the journey I am discovering so much.” -Sam

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Embrace the change in your life.
Because change is the only constant. Changing relationships, seasons, moods, friends, our surroundings.
Sometimes I feel  as though I am addicted to change, like I wanna see how many different people I can be.
Because if change is the only thing I can count on, then I better get use to it.
Get use to the heartbreak, get use to being let down, get use to new experiences, get use changing your mind- and then changing it all over again.
if possibilities are endless, then i am never the same person twice.
It’s like a cycle really, the cycle of change.
Change your clothes, change your attitude , change your perspective.
How many different ways can i see this world?
Change your outlook-what do you  think you know?
Life is magic, if you let it be.

-Sam Law

“The world is just a dream, because guess what, when you’re dreaming it’s just your subconscious, just rolling, when you’re awake that subconscious is still rolling. Everything we see we have so much connected to it. Isn’t it interesting how sometimes when you start telling stories with people, your idea of the story changes, your perception on it changes or all of the sudden the memory is different because someone is all, no I saw it this way. We all have these complex perceptions and where they are rooted, in the human psyche, if this is just a dream (which I strongly believe it is) then I’m creating it.  If I realize I’m dreaming it.  If I’m aware of that subconscious that’s playing all the time then I can train it.” -Sam

“The world is the best teacher” -Jake
“Only if you’re the best student.” -Sam
“I get worried. Poor students, get hard life lessons.” – Jake
“Have you ever heard the quote, in school you study and then you take the test but in life you take the test and then study where you f*%$@# up?” -Sam

“I think I have the best life ever, and I don’t even know it sometimes. Like sometimes I just forget. We have the luxury of daydreaming and wonder about how we’re going to fix our problems. We just get to think.” -Sam