Over New Years eve of this year I followed my heart out to LA. When people asked why I was going I told them it was to try and meet interesting people doing interesting things, and I was telling the truth.

I had no idea what I was doing, I didn’t set up a single shoot or anything… but I absolutely knew I wanted to make something amazing, I just didn’t know quite what it would be.

Jillian introduced me to her friend Chase. I took a lot of videos. Small clips, 10 seconds to 2 minutes at a time. At first I was just fiddling with it, I had never really ever shot much video unless it was just behind the scenes at a photo shoot.

This time it was different, this time I was spying on amazing moments. Stealing them, or should I say borrowing?

Eventually Chase played his music. It was much more powerful than I’d ever heard, it was something. I could feel it.

He saw the look in my eye, he asked quite humbly if I liked it.

“Uhm, no,” I responded, “I loved it.”

His response was of genuine relief, he was glad someone else liked his music too. As the night wore on I talked about how I’ve been really interested in shooting music videos, he mentioned he’d love to make a music video too.

I looked down at my camera. Remembering the footage we had just shot on the roof in the setting sun…


We all realized it at the same time… we had already started, without even knowing it.

I give you, the first of seven upcoming videos. A lyrical opera set to visuals, all filmed and created for love… on a shoestring budget with a lot of help from a lot of friends.

All real moments. The only way to truly fall in love.

Watch in HD for the best possible experience, and turn the volume up!

“BCB” by Chase of the Jungle
Music & Lyrics: Chase of the Jungle
A Vasada Production

Starring: Chase “Gravity” Mowen & Jillian Datwyler
Videography: Jacob Garn & Joshua De La Garza
Editing: Chase “Gravity” Mowen & Ryan Bute

Special thanks to Ryan Bute for taking us out on his sail boat.