Photography by Jake Garn

Selling Stock

What's left of me

I just prepared a short post on how I've found a market for some of my past images for members of the online photography workshop at In the meantime here are some of my favorite book covers featuring my photography.

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Test Shoot with Philecia


Test shoot with Philecia, shot at the SLC Photocollective.

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Reflections with Samantha


Samantha and I decided to explore the SLC Photocollective and see if we could come up with something original in one of Utah's most photographed locations. Judge the results for yourself, and this post does depict an artistic nude image - so if that sort of thing is not your cup of tea please move along in a calm fashion to the "back button." :)

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A foggy day (featuring Natalie Wall)


My first shoot with Natalie Wall was perfect. She sent me a message early one foggy morning and asked if I wanted to shoot in the fog... it was an easy yes! This is what we came up with. :)

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A test shoot with Chase


I shot this series with Chase in late summer of 2012.  We simply set off wandering the streets of Hollywood right outside his front door, finding perfect spots along the way to take a few images. What an insanely talented individual this guy is.  

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A portrait with Hannah Yandow


A simple test shoot with one light at the SLC Photocollective.  These types of shoots are my favorite and Hannah was a dream to work with.  So easy to shoot! Model: Hannah Yandow (hannahyandow on instagram)

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Winter Solstice


If you follow me on instagram (@jakegarn)  then you may already be familiar with the how much time I've been spending on what I affectionately call Crystal Mountain. This time, on December 21, 2012, I went up the mountain alone with just a notebook and my Canon 5D Mark III. I only took a handful of photos, yet all of them had a fair amount of sacrifice to get.  Whether it was laying in the frost, sitting on a cactus, leaning into a thornbush, or just pulling my camera out in the shade when the temperature was well below freezing (and metal feels coooooold). The best shots are always...

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Rain to Snow

You know those nights where rain turns to snow?  I decided to take my camera and meet a couple friends.  Models are Gina and Kinzie.

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An autumn afternoon with Paige.                

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A little complex of abandoned buildings in Ogden was just too perfect to pass up, even without official permission. When in doubt just pretend to be allowed to be there, that's my motto. The policeman that showed up halfway through seemed to agree completely. If I wasn't so distracted by Brooke I probably would have remembered to take a picture of him leaving. Live and learn I suppose.

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