Whimsical Fashion Photography

Park City Bridals by Jake Garn

White Shapes and a Bride

I do not normally shoot weddings, however, I do provide fine art and fashion style bridal photography! For this shoot we went to a popular location in Park City, the White Barn. Want your own bridals, or to gift them? I am photographer for hire. Based in Northern Utah, Salt Lake City and Park City area. Available to travel.

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Studio and the Sheep Pasture

Leaning Trees and Model

Inside and outside in the same shoot? It works out when you have fabulous location within a short drive of your studio. Want to book your own shoot like this? I am accepting appointments, contact me and we'll do a photoshoot starring you! Sarah and I had a blast making these images, I hope you enjoy! For a behind the scenes look at the retouching and editing processes I use visit www.shootforlove.net and become a member of the Online Club.

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When a shoot turns magic


There is a small turn off of Highway 89 in Fruit Heights, it doesn't lead to anything but a non-descript meadow with patches of trees. I parked my car on the dirt road and wandered less than 100 yards. That is where all of these photos were taken, in one spot, in one afternoon. At some point in the middle of the shoot the weather decided to reign. We scattered, off towards the car, but along the way I stopped and turned my camera on Julie. That is when the already fantabulous shoot turned magical.

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Wonderland with Kelli


  There is a spot in northern Utah that my friend and sometimes assistant Chelsey Ott discovered near her home.  A small trail off the road and into some trees reveals an expansive opening of all sorts of amazing places and things to shoot. One sunny afternoon Kelli Mallory and I decided to go on a photographing adventure and see what we could create.  We brought a handful of outfits and a camera bag and started exploring.  It didn't take long to discover why Chelsey named this little spot Wonderland. Hope you enjoy!

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The Rebirth

  I believe that the world is a miraculous place filled with beautiful people, inspiring ideas and overflowing with love. I also see a myriad of symptoms in this world alerting us to the fact that we have lost our way.  Wars.  Poverty.  Pollution.  It's tempting to find people to blame for the ills of this world, makes it easier to handle in so many ways, but the fact is the only thing we need to find the source of all the pain is a mirror to look at ourselves. After all that's what this world is, a mirror.  As we heal ourselves we heal the ones we love, as we heal the ones...

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Selling Stock

What's left of me

I just prepared a short post on how I've found a market for some of my past images for members of the online photography workshop at www.shootforlove.com. In the meantime here are some of my favorite book covers featuring my photography.

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Time is up featuring Joshua Delagarza (video)


Filmed this in a single afternoon in a moving location, the van. It's a blast filming this way, spontaneously, almost waiting for life to show you what it wants to show you. Directed, written and edited by Joshua Delagarza. Filmed by Jake Garn. Featuring Joshua Delagarza and Samantha Law.

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Test Shoot with Philecia


Test shoot with Philecia, shot at the SLC Photocollective.

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Reflections with Samantha


Samantha and I decided to explore the SLC Photocollective and see if we could come up with something original in one of Utah's most photographed locations. Judge the results for yourself, and this post does depict an artistic nude image - so if that sort of thing is not your cup of tea please move along in a calm fashion to the "back button." :)

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A foggy day (featuring Natalie Wall)


My first shoot with Natalie Wall was perfect. She sent me a message early one foggy morning and asked if I wanted to shoot in the fog... it was an easy yes! This is what we came up with. :)

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