Now Offering Personal Shoots!

Garnished Studios is now offering simple personal shoots in three flavors! Vanilla - Nothing wrong with a classic. A single studio shoot with as many outfit changes as you can manage. We will get plenty to choose from and I include professional retouching of 4-6 images of your choice (plus additional artist's choice). About 1 hour, $300 Swirl - We do a couple of locations, outside plus studio is popular! 2 to 3 hours, $500 The Book - We do a several shoots, enough to fill a 100 page book. Which I shoot, edit and design and give you a bound artist's proof (plus an extra copy). $5000 *Locations...

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Park City Bridals by Jake Garn

White Shapes and a Bride

I do not normally shoot weddings, however, I do provide fine art and fashion style bridal photography! For this shoot we went to a popular location in Park City, the White Barn. Want your own bridals, or to gift them? I am photographer for hire. Based in Northern Utah, Salt Lake City and Park City area. Available to travel.

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Studio and the Sheep Pasture

Leaning Trees and Model

Inside and outside in the same shoot? It works out when you have fabulous location within a short drive of your studio. Want to book your own shoot like this? I am accepting appointments, contact me and we'll do a photoshoot starring you! Sarah and I had a blast making these images, I hope you enjoy! For a behind the scenes look at the retouching and editing processes I use visit www.shootforlove.net and become a member of the Online Club.

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Shoot for Love


Hello there, It's been a hot minute since I updated this page, but that doesn't mean I haven't been shooting and sharing how I make what I make! Kaestle and I took this picture at the beginning of the Summer, you can check out the whole set on the FREE Shoot for Love Blog! For a more insider look, more digital techniques, more walk-thrus, more how-tos, and more images then you're going to want to join the Shoot for Love Club where exclusive member content gets shared. Visit www.shootforlove.com where you can see Jake Garn's latest work and a behind-the-scenes look at the techniques.

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When a shoot turns magic


There is a small turn off of Highway 89 in Fruit Heights, it doesn't lead to anything but a non-descript meadow with patches of trees. I parked my car on the dirt road and wandered less than 100 yards. That is where all of these photos were taken, in one spot, in one afternoon. At some point in the middle of the shoot the weather decided to reign. We scattered, off towards the car, but along the way I stopped and turned my camera on Julie. That is when the already fantabulous shoot turned magical.

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"Synchronicities are expressions of the dreamlike nature of reality." I'm learning that the world is not what I here-to-fore believed.  There are clues that have led me to this new way of looking things.  Coincidence has always existed in my life, but sometimes the coincidences add up to absurd levels like continuously looking at the clock at certain times for instance, or thinking of someone just before they call.  Of course, this could all be written off, and how could such coincidence not exist in a world with infinite moments where the banal is easily forgotten and the extraordinary...

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Cherry blossoms and Daylight


When I shoot in the middle of the day I like to find shade - trees are my favorite thing for such a thing.

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Selling Stock

What's left of me

I just prepared a short post on how I've found a market for some of my past images for members of the online photography workshop at www.shootforlove.com. In the meantime here are some of my favorite book covers featuring my photography.

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Reflections on Shoot For Love


I have been spending a lot of time on the Shoot for Love project lately and haven't been shooting much, ironically enough. If you'd like to participate in the latest assignment at Shoot for Love visit - http://shootforlove.com/creative-reflections/  My friend Ryan Muirhead is giving away a print to his favorite entry so it's worth checking out! Now that those introductions are over with I would love to show you a handful of times I've used reflections in my images over the last little while.  I find that finding a unique perspective often leads to great images.

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Time is up featuring Joshua Delagarza (video)


Filmed this in a single afternoon in a moving location, the van. It's a blast filming this way, spontaneously, almost waiting for life to show you what it wants to show you. Directed, written and edited by Joshua Delagarza. Filmed by Jake Garn. Featuring Joshua Delagarza and Samantha Law.

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