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Do multiple faces mean automatic super-villain status?


I am nothing if not a mad scientist, had I any talents in biology or any sort of life sciences I would be the guy in a lab that accidentally created a super hero/villain out of myself and at this moment a blockbuster movie would be in production about my life. It would be a massive success and I would be stumbling out of the car with Paris Hilton as we speak… and my wife would be pissed but she’d understand because I wasn’t myself, it was the mad science that made me freak out.

Alas, I have no biology skills whatsoever… but that doesn’t mean I can’t mess around in a digital lab.

Earlier today I thought to myself, what if I took five beautiful women and combined them into one face.  Would the resulting image be some sort of super-villain or simply an ode to the simple beauty that exists in every face, in every girl, in every country of the world.  You be the judge.